Who am I?

Name: Akshunna S. Dogra, Email: adogra@nyu.edu                                 Links: arXivGit, Google Scholar, Orcid

Position: President's Scholar, Dept. of Mathematics, Imperial College London Also: Group Leader, Mathephysics

Fields of interest: Applied Mathematics, Dynamical Systems Theory, Information Theory, Machine Learning, Mathematical Physics

Research Philosophy: I am a model maker looking for good problems and people. If you/I have a good idea/question/answer, lets make it better together. Also: Everything is a dynamical system if you are brave enough.

Favorite Mathematics book: Proofs from the Book, by M. Aigner, G. M. Ziegler Favorite Physics book: Classical Theory of Fields, L. D. Landau, E. M. Lifshitz

Favorite historical figure: Evariste Galois (revolutionized mathematics, fomented a revolution, and died stupidly for love in a duel before age 21). I don't advise emulating all his actions. But do try to cram as much life into your years as he did.

An interesting, non-academia fact about me: I own/co-designed/co-manage a subsistence farming operation (we produce the best ghee on the planet).