I am the leader/founder of the loosely organized research group Mathephysics. We hail from diverse backgrounds (past students have come from Albania, China, Germany, India, Pakistan, South Korea, United Kingdom, and the United States) and harbor equally diverse intellectual ambitions (the involved people hold/pursue expertise in various nooks of mathematics, several corners of physics, and the many labyrinthine mazes of machine/deep learning). Please email me at, if you would like to see what we are all getting up to and/or wish to be involved in some way.

I have had the pleasure of formally advising/supervising the following brilliant minds:

Advisory roles [^ = thesis advisor, * = letters of recommendation]:

1. Jeffrey B. Lai^* (Ph.D. student, 2022 - ??, Oden Institute, UT Austin)

2. Riyaaz Ray Vachani* (Ph. D. student, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Arizona)

3. Matthew J. H. Wright^ (Master's student, 2021 - 22, Dept. of Mathematics, Imperial College London)

4. Alexander T. Cushen* (Master's student, 2021 - 23, Dept. of Physics, Imperial College London)

5. Abu-Al Hassan^ (Master's student, 2022 - 23, Dept. of Mathematics, Imperial College London)

6. Edward Prideaux-Ghee^ (Master's student, 2022 - 23, Dept. of Mathematics, Imperial College London)

Teaching Roles:

1. Teaching Fellow, Graduate APMTH 227 - Computational Methods in the Physical Sciences (Fall 2019, Applied Mathematics, Harvard University)

2. Teaching Fellow, Undergraduate ES 123 - Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Transport Processes (Spring 2020, Engineering Sciences, Harvard University)